Brain Fit Now!


Boost Your Brain Health

We connect brain health research to brain games and brain healthy activities, to build a brain healthy lifestyle.

Brain Fit Now! has studied the research of neuroscientists, neuropsychologists and experts in brain health and identified how to reduce risk factors for Alzheimer’s Disease.


Brain Fit Now! workshops are interactive and designed to keep you engaged and having fun.


Each session provides you with information, resources, and strategies to design a brain healthy lifestyle. 

How It Works

Each session begins with a brain game and survey. Then brain training begins with a brief lecture, memory strategies to get you thinking, small group exercises to encourage creating brain health strategies, light exercise, and a stress management practice.

  • Brain Fit Now Students discussing brain health strategies

Join Brain Fit Now! on our mission to educate 20,000 adults age 60 and over on How to reduce their risk factors for Alzheimer’s Disease by 2020.